Dating app that rates your looks

Blinq app rates the attractiveness of your selfies Daily. Hot Girls Hot Guys Rate My Site News and Information We just added the profiles below the pictures to make the site even easier to use. Her smouldering looks have won her legions of admirers, but according to an app thatrates the attractiveness of your selfies, Nigella Lawson is a mere 'OK' in thelooks department.

So Are You ‘Hot or Not?’ App Rates Appearance McAfee Blogs This site is a lot like rate my body, rate me and rateme picture rating sites, but better! One of those apps is Hot or Not, an app that allows girls or guys to upload theirphotos and have hundreds or even thousands of others rate their physical appearance. Iwon’t go into the obvious emotional hits your child will take if he or she uses this app.

A New Dating App Lets You Rate And Review Your Date - AskMen Please update your profiles in your account so everyone can see your information. A new dating app allows you to rate your dates as a way to encourage good behavior. Butif that episode about likes on Black Mirror is any indication, this could turn outterribly. Long Story

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